Happy hogs, hens, and honeybees

honeybees on buckwheat

Echo Bend honeybees attend to the buckwheat flowers

2 new nucs of honeybees arrived Friday night, much to our great relief and delight. They were hard at work in the buckwheat first thing Saturday morning. Bees buzzing busily in each loud, gaudy squash trumpet is great company as we work. Their buzzing that rumbles all throughout the garden is like fanfare for the explosion of veggies of which we are now on the cusp. We are so close to daily harvests of carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers..

chickens in movable coop

Laying hens in the movable hoop coop


The laying hens are also enjoying the buckwheat greens in their movable coop.




Echo Bend hogs

Pinky & Lucille

The pigs are growing fat and happy. Their gentle snorting is like a lullaby they croon to me as I pull weeds in the warm sun. We have a busy little farmyard out back now. Chickens clucking and crowing, hogs grunt and squeal, ducks quack and chortle, bees buzz, bunnies thump, dogs bark, kittens mewl, children laugh and call. Soon turkeys will again be adding their happy gobbling to the echoes here around the Bend.

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