Scarecrow Building Party, 2011

Native Scarecrow

Bahama Mama scarecrow spreads good juju over the berries.

‘Tis now officially an annual event!  When the first heavy round of planting is done for the season, we call in Echo Bend friends and family to assemble their masterpieces of crow scaring.

Echo Bend Scarecrow Building Party, 2011

This year brought another crop of creative scarecrows to chase away the varmints threatening our collective harvests. Some standouts are a burly, looming hockey player (whose head glows at night):

Rob & the Aldrich family scare!

A waifish supermodel

Echo Bend CSA subscription shareholders Diana Fairbanks and Nancy Flowers

Scarecrows at Echo Bend Farm

The hockey player and his model girlfriend.

and a Bahama Mama (see above).

I love to see the intense concentration (and sometimes befuddlement) that goes into making a scarecrow, particularly for those who have never done so before. All ages engage, and people come together to help and laugh with those they have never before met — from farm regular subscription holders to fans of our baked goods. It’s a casual, fun event to celebrate the return of summer and the Solstice. To welcome and protect the lush harvest bounty that the gardens will soon be offering up.

Really, it’s just plain silly!

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