Turkey Dog

Walked out back this morning to be pulled up short by the sight of an empty turkey coop.

I had a total-body clench and “Oh NO” moment, immediately dreading telling 9 families (including my own) that they would not be receiving the turkeys they ordered for the holidays.

Luckily, they had not gone far, but were milling about in the raspberry patch. Disco had already found them by the time I realized they were gone.  Hungry birds that they are, they saw me and ran after Disco towards me when I whistled him in.

With a bucket full of feed and my handy farm dog, we rounded them all up into the coop in no time.  Disco, responding to the turkeys calm compliance, very calmly, slowly sheperded them in — none of his usual chicken chasing overdrive.

We secured the door latch and ambled inside, seeking a cup of steaming coffee and a well-earned dog treat. That puppy is truly proving his worth around here.

And we’ll all have alfalfa-fattened turkey on the holiday table.

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1 Response to Turkey Dog

  1. Reba says:

    Love it!! GOOD job, Disco! All’s well that ends well… thanks for sharing this story. xo

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