Spring 2012 Planting Begins

Seed Love

The onion starts already smell like onions as they grow vibrantly green from their soil blocks in the basement.

25 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds and counting.
Many new melons to trial.

Much of the online ordering is underway. The rest I will try to acquire locally, through begging, bartering, or purchase.

The kids sang to me at the bus stop this morning, “Mama, the ground isn’t frozen!”
It won’t be long until multiple racks of shelves and grow lights are full to bursting and I put the first cold-hardy seeds directly in the garden soil.

My nights are spent shopping for hoophouses and dreaming about all of the upsides, non of the down, of growing for a living.

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2 Responses to Spring 2012 Planting Begins

  1. Linda turner says:

    I would live some of the heirloom toms

    • echobend says:

      You’d be welcome to them! I sell at our roadside stand, or I can deliver. You’ll have to give me a few months, though. 😉
      With a hoophouse up next year, though, I’ll be aiming for ripe tomatoes by early June!

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