Truck Full o’ Pigs

2012 homegrown piggies!

Shivering, wet, and muddy, we wrassled 6 piglets into the farm truck this afternoon to bring back to Echo Bend.

Upon their arrival at the farm, they seemed immediately delighted with the new experience of rooting in the soft earth and chomping on the vibrant green rye grass, choosing it even over the warm oat and molasses mash that Willa made to warm them up.

The kids worked on names while they spread clean, dry straw deeply in their hut. The red pig bound to be trouble, thus already tagged with said moniker, romped about with the farm dog. The adults fretted about the cold and wind. After seeing them well settled in, we retreated to the farmhouse for warm drinks, fire, and baths, feeling good about our efforts in raising our own food.

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1 Response to Truck Full o’ Pigs

  1. Jeannie Heystek says:

    This sort of reminds me of the Giles & Sue Live the Good Life show (a BBC show you can find on youtube). Check it out if you need a laugh…

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