How Grows It?

It’s rare these days that I speak with someone and don’t hear the question, “How grows it?”

“How is our garden doing?”
“How are my pigs (or) my chickens doing?”

I always love being asked this question — and the sense of ownership of our shareholders and community members, and with a day or two lull in the manic planting time, I wanted to let you see for yourself that:

The peas are blooming.

The chard is vibrant and strong.

The lettuce is almost at cutting height.

Garlic is lusty, as it should be.garlic

Tomatoes are filling out and blooming.

Tomatoes in the hoophouse

Pigs are  plumping up and enjoying their innate piggy-ness.

Pig at waterer

Pigs at waterer

Broiler chicks are out on pasture and loving their greens.

rainbow rangers on pasture

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1 Response to How Grows It?

  1. Rick Cosaro says:

    Hey Charla, I was up over the Memorial Day weekend, and I rode (on my bicycle) by your farm. Mostly to look at your new hoop house. It looks really great. That will be a huge asset for your farm.
    All the best.

    Rick Cosaro

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