More Echoes

More echoes of the past turned up as I worked the garden soil yesterday. The bluebird was watching as I found this treasure…

Miss Bev, this is for you next time you visit the farm!


postscript:  Bev, who was instrumental in helping to make the purchase of the farm, which seemed impossible, possible, said that finding the i.d. bracelet is a sign that her father is still watching over the farm.  I would agree. We feel it all the time — your ancestors and ours watch our labors of love here. They watch out for us, but they also see that we are tested, on a regular basis. We are continually called on to prove our love and dedication to this rich place, and it is always worth it.

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5 Responses to More Echoes

  1. Natalie Henke says:

    My Mom will be soo touched. Wow!!

  2. Judy Johnson says:

    Your family are like archeologists. I am sure Bev is so surprised and blessed to have this back.
    (Bev’s sister in law), Judy

  3. Brought tears to my eyes when I saw this … Thanks Charla….

  4. J. Henke says:

    Bev, What a blessing! Love, Jack and Donna

  5. echobend says:

    Judy, any mosaic artists in the family? We find lots of broken porcelain and pottery.
    The pigs turn up all sorts of goofy things, from flip flops to huge porcelain chess pieces.

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