Bovard kids, 1940s.
Bunkhouse in background, packing shed at right.

We, the current residents of Echo Bend — formerly known as Twin Orchards and before that as the Bovard Farm/Home Farm, are so touched and honored to be entrusted with and privy to the history of this most special place on earth.  It pleases us to no end that we have not only a very special connection to the prior owners of the farm, who chose to trust us to take it into the future, but also the original owners/builders of the house.

Just 3 deeded owners of this place, including us, and there is an existing link to all of them.

That’s special, isn’t it?  We can’t help but think that doesn’t happen very often these days.
It isn’t anything special about US. Nay, it’s this place–this wonderful place that heals and joins generations and family and community together.  I think there is something IN this place, integral to it, that helps one to pause and listen—to HEAR the past…to value it and in doing so, value yourself and the work that is done here.  There’s nothing more life-affirming than that.

We love to hear the stories that the generations of prior residents — from all over the country– share with us, but we also still can hear the echoes of the children’s laughter as it pongs between the house and packing shed and grandma’s house and the big white barn, much as you can hear it doing when you look at the picture above. Yes, we hear our own children’s cheers and shouts, but there are other voices in there in the cacophony, mingling and shouting out with the joy of life we all feel here.  Come. Listen. You’ll hear those echoes, too, if you really listen.

p.s. One of those bathing beauties in the photo from the 1940’s above is now a current (and still incredibly beautiful) shareholder in our CSA farm. Life comes full circle in this place. The center DOES hold here, Mr. Yeats.

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  1. so wonderful to have our local history so close, we can reach out and not only ‘touch’ it but also have someone that was a part of that history. I always know when our neighbor Erma’s family comes to town and wants another tour, I’ll get to hear more stories of our place. The details that history kinda forgets…Erma’s beloved grandparents built our place and Erma still lives next door!

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