Echo Bend CSA Subscription Harvest, July 11, 2012, and SURPRISE! Work Bee

CSA Share, July 11, 2012

So many new goodies in your baskets this week! Yippee!  High summer is descending, bringing with it lush bounty like zucchini and green beans. (We do say farewell to more greens this week, though.)

And, psssstttt!  Hey!
This is happening…

tomatoes ripe — July 9th, 2012

I do want to thank the group of women and young men who organized themselves and surprised me Monday morning by showing up to volunteer their efforts in the garden. I’d been struggling to keep up of late, near to giving up this weekend after 2 weeks of high heat and drought and weed takeover and exhaustion.  Your gift of time and generosity made me stop and reconsider my decisions, my faltering. You picked me, and the garden, back up. By volunteering those couple hours, you’ve given me a new grip.  A farm will give you immense wealth of satisfaction and stimulation — the question is always just whether it will break you in the process. You have saved me from breaking, dear souls, and reminded me of how community-supported agriculture is supposed to work.  It’s not just me, the lone farmer, laboring to do it all by my lonesome — it’s the members, the communities, sharing their time and various talents to make the center hold.

Surprise Workbee, July 9, 2012
Cheryl Kramer, Kristine Harvey and sister-in-law, Becky Noffsinger, and CSA members Carrie Aldrich and Rebecca Hubbard and sons.

I didn’t cry while you were all here, but I certainly did after you left — big, full tears of gratitude. As one shareholder wrote to me, “See how loved you are? Don’t give up. The farm is a thing of beauty.” Others reminded me that what we do here inspires them in all sorts of surprising ways — that what we do has an impact on your lives. Well, thank YOU. What YOU did had a huge impact — carrying waves of consequence.

I struggle to not feel guilty for needing help, but I have little pride left, really. I need help — I willing accept it from anyone who wants to plant, mulch, weed, harvest, hose down the piggies…

p.s. Be sure to bring baskets and the chick feed bags back so that I have something in which to put your shares!

Here are the contents of your share basket this week:

  • beans, green — Provider and Blue Lake
  • beets, Detroit Red
  • baby carrots, Nantes  — I left the tops on these, because they look so pretty, but you’ll want to cut those off PRONTO, otherwise the carrots will get limp. (Recrisp them by putting them in a bowl of water with a few ice cubes in it.)
  • chard, Rainbow Lights
  • garlic,  “Music”
  • kale
  • napa cabbage
  • Peppers, hot
  • mixed salad greens
  •  snow peas
  • turnips, purple globe
  • zucchini, Cousa Magda
  • Basil


The kids and I anxiously await garlic, basil, hot peppers, and green beans coming in so that we can make one of our family standards:

Spicy Fried Tofu with Basil

4 cloves garlic, minced
2 small hot peppers, seeded and minced
1 T oil (sesame or veg)
1 lb extra firm tofu, cut in 1″ cubes (I like Oryana’s store made best!)
1 T tamari/soy sauce
1 t. sugar
1/2 lb green beans
1/4-1/2 cup chopped basil
Heat oil over high heat. Stir fry garlic and chiles, 2-3 mins. Add tofu and fry until desired brown. Add soy sauce and sugar, mix well. Add beans and cook until bright green and crisp tender. Add basil and mix thoroughly
125 cal; 9 g protein; 7 g. total fat; 7 g carbs
p.s. I often up the soy sauce to taste.

Spicy Ginger-Carrot Slaw

1 small head napa cabbage, shredded
2 medium sweet peppers, cut into bite-size strips
4-6 medium carrots , shredded
1-2 pink grapefruit, peeled & sectioned
4 green onions, sliced
lime peel
1 recipe Lime Dressing (below)
In large glass bowl layer cabbage, peppers, carrots, and grapefruit. (Can be made up to 1 day in advance.) Just before serving, add onions and lime peel. Add dressing and toss.
Lime Dressing:
1/4 c. olive oil; 2-4 T tequila: 1/2″ section ginger, peeled & thinly sliced: juice &peel of 1 lime; 1/2 t. crushed red pepper or 1 small hot pepper, seeded and diced. Shake to combine. Allow to stand 1 hr. before serving, shake again.
  • Kale Market Salad — use your kale, garlic, and carrots for this fresh, green salad:
  • SHARE!
    Do you have a favorite recipe?   I always welcome you to share your favorite recipes using ingredients from your share baskets. That’s part of what belonging to a community farm is about!

COMING UP SOON: maters, maters, maters (I hope, I hope, I hope)…

SWAPS:  There is a spot on the farmstand fridge labeled swaps where you can trade something in your basket with someone else.  Leave something — take something!

TIPS:  Angelic Organics has a handy guide for how to store various kinds of produce:

Remember to bring your share bag/basket/box back at pick-up time next Wednesday!!

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