Echo Bend CSA Subscription Harvest, July 18, 2012

CSA Harvest Basket, July 18, 2012
High Summer Fare!

Much like your green lawns and gardens, the high heat and drought have taken their toll on the salad greens.  This is the time of summer, however, to begin to really embrace different forms of salads besides leafy green.  Lettuce bolts and sets seed in high heat and the leaves turn extremely bitter, which is a natural defense mechanism against being eaten as they go into the reproductive phase of their life cycle.

So… How about chopped veggie salad? Napa slaw? Carrot Ginger Lemon Slaw? Kale Market Salad?  Tomato Basil Panzanella?

I was going to write about the welcome relief of a spell of rain that pushed me indoors from the garden last night, but in the time that it took me to pull out my computer to sit down to write this post, it stopped.  Keep your fingers crossed for our garden, folks. This is a challenging season!

In the hoophouse, though, the tropical heat lovers like peppers and eggplants and tomatoes are loving it!  You’ll see that while there aren’t many, everybody gets a little hit of tomato! Couple it with the class pairing of basil in the caprese sandwich below.  The red and green streaked small tomatoes are heirloom Violet Jaspers. The salad sized reds are Stupice, a favorite Siberian heirloom workhorse of mine. They never fail to produce early and late. The little drops of yellow sunshine are Sungold cherries. It’s been a challenge keeping them out of the paws of my 6-year-old son so that you all could have an early sample. 🙂

Violet Jasper tomatoes
Beautiful plum and green streaks. Meaty flesh.

The kids and I delight to find each new variety of tomato as it ripens. We have 25 different types of heirlooms planted this season, many of them new to us, so we squeal with glee and delight at beautiful colors and tantalizing scents that each type offers up. I hope to have more varieties and volume to share with you next week.

Stupice Siberian heirloom tomatoes
All-around great all-purpose mater!

You’ll also find new this week the crisp cucumbers that we all hunted last night together amongst the thick, luxurious tangles of the prickly vines, hurrying as dark clouds and thunder rolled in. The kids donned their gloves to fight the prickles, diving in after the cucumbers headfirst and tugging them off of the vines.

What else!? freshly dug new potatoes and copra sweet onions. Must be barbeque season!

Remember that I have a pretty full herb garden. If there are other herbs you would like, you are welcome to pick when you come to pick up your shares. I have many in the herb garden by the farmstand, but I have greater volume of parsley, cilantro, and basil out back in the veggie garden.

p.s. Be sure to bring baskets and the chick feed bags back so that I have something in which to put your shares!

Here are the contents of your share basket this week:

  • beans, green — Provider and Blue Lake
  • baby carrots, Nantes  — I left the tops on these, because they look so pretty, but you’ll want to cut those off PRONTO, otherwise the carrots will get limp. (Recrisp them by putting them in a bowl of water with a few ice cubes in it.)
  • cucumbers
  • garlic,  “Music”
  • kale
  • kohlrabi
  • napa cabbage  — probably the last of the napa for a while. The heat is burning it out.
  • Onions, Copra sweet
  • Peppers, sweet
  • Potatoes, Norland Red
  • Tomatoes, Stupice, Violet Jasper, Sungold
  • turnips, purple globe
  • Basil


Echo Bend Summer Favorite Caprese Sandwich
Drizzle 2 slices of Echo Bend artisan bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Lay out basil leaves on one slice. Cover with thin slices of fresh mozzarella.
Layer with thin slices of heirloom tomatoes. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.
Put on top slice of bread. Cut in half. Bite in and be astounded by the exquisiteness
of this so very simple sandwich.  The epitome of summer!

Kramer Family Favorite Grilled Potatoes
Cut potatoes into chunks, slices. Parboil briefly or zap in microwave in covered dish and 1 T water until barely tender.   Lay out in single layer on doubled-over sheets of aluminum foil with the edges turned up to form a lip.  Drizzle with olive oil and/or melted butter, sea salt, pepper, and minced garlic and chopped fresh rosemary or herb of your choosing.  Grill until crisp on the edges and desired browning.

  • SHARE!
    Do you have a favorite recipe?   I always welcome you to share your favorite recipes using ingredients from your share baskets. That’s part of what belonging to a community farm is about!

COMING UP SOON: broccoli

SWAPS:  There is a spot on the farmstand fridge labeled swaps where you can trade something in your basket with someone else.  Leave something — take something!

TIPS:  Angelic Organics has a handy guide for how to store various kinds of produce:

Remember to bring your share bag/basket/box back at pick-up time next Wednesday!!

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1 Response to Echo Bend CSA Subscription Harvest, July 18, 2012

  1. Linda Cicchelli says:

    Didn’t get the cherries but can’t wait to try them! my hubby picked up the shares and no one was there so I still owe you for bread! just so you know I haven’t forgotten. All the yummies in the basket! so Love Wednesday!! :))

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