eCHO bEND CSA Subscription Harvest, August 22, 2012

Echo Bend CSA Harvest, August 22, 2012

Exquisitely beautiful, this harvest day.
Sunshine for warmth. Light breeze to cool us.
Music. Dancing. Laughter. Friends.
Good news. Frustrations. Venting. Commiseration.
Bounty and loss.
Our garden, my Benders, is a place where good things happen.
Where everything seems to balance out.

I grow for those outside my family because I want to provide good, healthy, safe food to other people. It’s my passion — to balance out our bodies, nutritionally AND emotionally. To balance out the crimes of pollution and poison and waste by trucking foods across the country when we can grow it right here, with our own hands.

Food costs have risen this year because of the killing frosts this spring and the summer drought — from the feed we give our livestock on up to the fresh produce we put on our tables.  Our baskets may not be as overflowing right now as I might like (oh, woe to be short on summer squash!), but your investment at the beginning of the season balances out. If anyone were to join the CSA at this point in time, they would pay a higher per-basket price than you did this spring, knowing what we do now about the challenges of this growing season.

I’ll try to send out a short survey soon to gather feedback from you about how you feel the CSA is doing this season, as we have passed the mid-point, but feel free to post comments here or to email me your thoughts, also.

p.s. If you want to come to help to pick on harvest day, you are welcome to do so.
If you would like to come help weed or do general garden maintenance, you’d be very welcome. 😉  Just let me know.

Here are the contents of your share basket this week:

  • Asian Braising Greens  — a spicy mix of tatsoi, mizuna, bok choy, and red Russian kale  — give these a rinse in water and then braise in a pan with a bit of water, chicken broth and/or olive oil.  Flavor with your favorite spices — add in onions or garlic or whatever floats your boat!
  • Beans, Blue Lake and Provider
  • broccoli, Blue Wind & Arcadia
  • carrots, Nantes  and Sugar Snaxx
  • cucumbers, Marketmore
  • Eggplant — some of you will get eggplants this week. The rest of you will get some in the next week or so when more size up do a decent cooking amount.
  • garlic,  “Music” or Pylong Ylang
  • Kale, Lancinato (aka “Dinosaur”)
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Onions, Copra sweet
  • Peppers, sweet
  • Potatoes, Keuka Gold
  • Tomatoes, Stupice, Violet Jasper, Sungold, German Orange Strawberry, Black from Tula, Purple Calabash, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Tigerella, Caspian Pink, Striped Roman, Amish Paste, Cherokee Purple, Wapsipinicon Peach
  • Cilantro
  • Basil


  • Pot Licker Beans:
    Echo Bend standard.  Seems simple and perhaps a bit old-school Southern, but it’s one of those recipes that is magic in its simplicity.
    Super easy and no-fail. Watch out, though. I find myself eating it right out of the skillet — big wooden spoonfuls.Saute some onions, garlic, and green beans in a skillet, preferably cast iron with some bacon grease, to really get your Southern flair on.
    As they are cooking, roughly chop some tomatoes and basil. Throw in skillet. Cook down until tomatoes are sauced and beans are really nice and tender.
    LOTS of garlic and salt.Sop up drippings with fresh cornbread.
  • Ratatouille — you must. It’s delish.  Or just slice the eggplant up nice and thick, slather with olive oil and herbs and salt and grill over indirect heat until beautifully tender.
  • Margherita Pizza — an Echo Bend summer favorite — Just roll out your favorite pizza dough (Echo Bend’s is lovely.) Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.  Top with thin slices of heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. Cook at 375 until done.
    (You can precook the crust a bit to make sure it gets nice and crispy.)  When pizza comes out of the oven, give another extra drizzle of the best olive oil to finish.
  • SHARE!
    Do you have a favorite recipe?   I always welcome you to share your favorite recipes using ingredients from your share baskets. That’s part of what belonging to a community farm is about!

COMING UP SOON: eggplant and kittens!  (Wuh-huh!? 🙂

SWAPS:  There is a spot on the farmstand fridge labeled swaps where you can trade something in your basket with someone else.  Leave something — take something!

TIPS:  Angelic Organics has a handy guide for how to store various kinds of produce:

Remember to bring your share bag/basket/box back at pick-up time next Wednesday!!

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