eCHO bEND CSA Subscription Harvest, September 12, 2012

CSA Harvest Basket, September 12, 2012

Mid-September brings the last of the chickens and turkeys for the season out on pasture to fatten up on greens, and the pigs will be butchered here at the farm tomorrow morning. There is a noticeable slow down in growth in the garden with the changing light. The vines are not feeding the fruits anymore, they merely seem to be holding them up, dangling them forth into the season’s remaining sunlight and warmth in the hopes that they will ripen before those overnight frosts come calling.

As you can see, baskets are starting to get a bit smaller as the season winds down. We’ll definitely have a decent harvest next week, but we’ll just have to play it by ear after that, dependent on Mother Nature’s whims.

Here are the contents of your share basket this week:

  • Beans, Blue Lake and Provider
  • cabbage, Napa
  • carrots, Nantes  and Sugar Snaxx
  • cucumbers, Marketmore
  • eggplant, Nadia
  • garlic,  “Music” or Pylong Ylang
  • Kale or Chard
  • Onions, Copra sweet
  • Peppers, hot
  • Peppers, sweet Bell and Banana
  • Potatoes, Purple Majesty and Lehigh
  • Tomatoes, Stupice, Sungold, German Orange Strawberry, Black from Tula, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Tigerella, Caspian Pink, Striped Roman, Amish Paste, Cherokee Purple, Wapsipinicon Peach
  • Green Tomatoes (see recipe below)


–I was skeptical when I first tried this recipe from The Splendid Table (one of my favorite NPR shows), but the sum of the parts…AH. MAZ. ING!!!

Straight from 19th-century American cookbooks, these big chunks of ripe beefsteak and green tomatoes get bathed in a warm, garlicky, sweet-sour dressing. They stand on their own, top greens, or make a good potato-tomato salad.
(Note: you can substitute dried dill for fresh)

  • SHARE!
    Do you have a favorite recipe?   I always welcome you to share your favorite recipes using ingredients from your share baskets. That’s part of what belonging to a community farm is about!

COMING UP SOON: cabbage and raab and eggplant

SWAPS:  There is a spot on the farmstand fridge labeled “swaps” where you can trade something in your basket with someone else.  Leave something — take something!

TIPS:  Angelic Organics has a handy guide for how to store various kinds of produce:

Remember to bring your share bag/basket/box back at pick-up time next Wednesday!!

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