Fitting In

When we began the farm, one of our goals was to form a strong connection with our community. To make a difference in your diets, your meals, your lives.

I didn’t want to just sell you some carrots and peas. I wanted to share a love of healthy, ethically-grown food. Swap recipes. Heck, create recipes on the spot based on what the garden offered up that day. I wanted to hear from you how you would be enjoying the products I had planned, planted, nurtured, tended, harvested — not JUST your mouth-watering concoctions, but how you connect with friends and family over your meals or canning parties. How your multiple batches of salsa had been adding zip to your marriage. I wanted you to send me recipes to make for you out of the bake ovens to add to the product line.  I wanted to share my love and knowledge of growing with you.

This year we have begun to receive holiday cards from our customers.

We’ve done it.
We’ve connected.

Thank you for this gift.

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