eCHO bEND CSA Harvest, June 12


Weekly subscription baskets of Echo Bend GREATNESS begin this week!

It has been a SLOOOOOOWLY growing spring, but today we harvested enough to nicely trick out the first shareholder baskets of the season. Yippee!

Here’s what you will enjoy:



      Mix: spinach, chard, lamb quarters




      Radish, French Breakfast




      Garlic Scapes


      Bagels,cinnamon raisin from Dair Valley


    Rustic white artisan bread

If you need some inspiration:

      Mix arugula into salad mix or top a burger or sandwich with a handful for a peppery kick. (Who needs mayo!?)

The mix of baby chard, spinach, and lambs quarters can be eaten fresh or sautéed. Scramble some fresh eggs on there!

Garlic Scapes– these flower stems of the garlic plant are a wonderful fresh garnish for salads of all types, or sauté and use them much as you would garlic cloves. I love them, with the sautéed greens, as a flatbread/toast topper, drizzled with quality olive oil and some grated Parmesan or goat cheese.

Radishes–go all mid-century and have a cocktail hour — nice old fashioned or highball with radishes dipped in salt.

Enjoy the extra treats of baked goods thus first week, on us, as a thank you for supporting the farm.


The Farmbrarian

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1 Response to eCHO bEND CSA Harvest, June 12

  1. carrie says:

    I’ve pickled my radishes with garlic cloves, for refrigerator radish pickles! They look beautiful

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