The Farm:

When we bought the farm in 2010, we promised the owners we would keep this lovely farm as a working, functional one. Our family strives, together, to listen to the echoes of the past and honor the time-tested, sustainable methods of farming used for hundreds of years, while growing responsibly for the future. This finds us combining my grandfather’s wheel plow with custom-built hoophouses for season extension.

We plan to stay small, grow increasingly diverse offerings, and remain incredibly connected to our core group of shareholders. Our passion is for growing and raising heirloom veggies, fruits, and livestock to preserve the genetic diversity threatened by agribusiness pressures. It is important to us to preserve the past, and it just tastes good, too!

Our Methods:

We are a family farm, and when you buy our produce or become a shareholder, you become part of the extended farm family. We are just as committed to keeping you healthy and safe as we are our own family members. A family farm should not be a place where synthetic chemicals are dumped into the soil or on plants, nor where animals are kept in unhealthy, close confinement. Large “factory farms” use these methods, because they are focused on every cent of profit. We are focused on growing naturally and on our relationship with our customers — with nothing toxic in either!

We are  not certified organic, but we use all natural and pesticide-free growing methods, crop rotation, and livestock pasturing methods. This definitely makes for more work for us, but this produces healthy soil, high-nutrient-level food, and happy animals and kids.  We believe you, as an informed consumer, can make an informed judgment of responsible farming methods.

We have a true belief in doing things the right way, and we invite you to come and visit the farm and observe our practices. We let our children play in the garden, help with the planting and harvesting, and eat fresh fruit and veggies straight off the vine. That says it all.

3 Responses to About

  1. gary schimmel says:

    You are open now ?
    we are coming to arcadia this AM for a couple of days, how can we get to you for bread, etc.

    • echobend says:


      The farmstand isn’t open right now, but you can still place orders for bread and baked goods. The current offerings are on our Facebook page, but I’m also including them below. Just send me an email or call to place an order!

      Offerings from Around the Bend this week:

      For NMC Tuesday deliveries, please place order by Monday, early afternoon. All other/local deliveries & pick-ups, you can place orders at any time throughout the week!

      *Farmyard:* (*all of our produce is raised using organic growing principles*)

      – Carrots, $2.50/big bunch – Broccoli, $3.00/qt – Broccoli Raab, $2.25/lbag

      – *CHESTNUTS!* — If you’ve never had roasted, buttery sweet chestnuts before, you really, really must try! (Courtesy of Chestnut Hills) $5/lb – medium size; $7/lb- gorgeously deluxe (will sell in any size increment) — chestnuts are super easy to roast: http://italianfood.about.com/b/2003/11/30/roasting-chestnuts-in-the-oven.htm — they are great eating warm, straight from the oven or atop a pear-stilton-sorrel salad or sprinkled on top of chocolate ice cream or cake

      —-turn them into a main course by roasting them with brussel sprouts and bacon: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Brussels-Sprouts-with-Chestnuts-and-Bacon-102672 — or try this creamy, rich chestnut soup: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Chestnut-and-Sherry-Soup-with-Truffle-Garnish-240483

      – Herbs: parsley ($1.50/hefty bunch)

      * Bake Ovens:*

      – *Natural sugar and low fat granola* – Local Blend (Cherry Honey Almond), $6/lb – Sunday Morning Blend (Blueberry Maple Walnut) $6.50/lb – Basic Blend (Honey Almond, no fruit), $5.50/lb – *Featured Flavors*: Cinnamon Orchard (Apple Cinnamon Walnut) $6/lb Cranberry Pecan ($6.60/lb)

      – *Cherry Vanilla Almond Muesli* ($5/lb)

      A little milk poured over this uber-healthy mix of whole grain oat, barley, quinoa, and rye flakes makes for a creamy, quick breakfast with a hit of sweet-tart cherries to wake you up! (no sugars or oils)

      – *Artisan Bread *($4): – 10 Grain – Apple Strudel Bread — Yeasted bread swirled with apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar – Rustic White; – Baguette; – Ciabatta; – Ciabatta Rolls(4) – (makes hamburgers and s’wiches so good. Try cooking some of our fresh eggs in your favorite manner and layering on a ciabatta roll with your favorite creamy cheese and some caramelized onions. Oh, so delicious.)

      – *Quick Bread *($5): Buttermilk Cinnamon Swirl Hot Buttered Rum – – *Jam*: Apricot; Cherry; Cherry Almond; Low Sugar Peach Amaretto; Low Sugar Cherry; or Low Sugar Cherry Almond — $5.50

      Bread Care Tips: For those of you buying artisan breads, we pride ourselves on a thick, crackling crust. The best way to maintain this is to store your bread, cut side down, on a flat surface. If you prefer to soften the crust, place it in a plastic bag. You can always “refresh” the crust to a crisp state by sprinkling with a bit of water and warming in a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes.

      • Harvest Pixler says:

        Do you ship certain items out of state, i.e. Utah? Your jams and granola look absolutely delicious and I’d love to order some if possible! Please email me and let me know if that’s something you can do! Thanks!

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