2013 CSA Shares

2013 ECHO BEND CSA Membership Application

We encourage all who can to pay the full subscription price now, many of our costs are incurred in winter/early spring. If needed, you may pay a deposit of half now, with the remainder to be paid by May 1st. Payment plans negotiable.

Please respond to charlakramer@gmail.com to reserve a share — first come, first served.

Include a check payable to Echo Bend for either the total amount tallied below.  Membership is first-come, first-served, until we fill our limited number of share offerings.  Feel free to call (231-352-6998) or email (charlakramer@gmail.com) if you have questions





Additional email addresses associated with my share (for share splitters to receive e-newsletters):


Email will be our primary form of communication – please let us know if you don’t have email access so we can set up alternate means of contact.

o   I am enclosing a check (check #______________) for___ Standard Share, $500
___  Every-Other-Week Share, $300

___ a deposit of half the total, the remainder to be paid by May 1, 2013


By signing below, I agree to participate in the 2013 CSA season at Echo Bend as a member.  CSA membership entails sharing the benefits and risks of small-scale agriculture, and I understand that I may be blessed with an abundance of some crops, a lack of others, and just the right amount of others, as the season permits. I agree to pick up my share every week for the duration of the CSA season. Please notify the farmer if you will be out of town and will not pick up your share for the week.

My financial contribution to the farm will allow the Echo Bend farmers to grow chemical-free produce for me and the other members using small-scale, sustainable methods, build the soil, humanely harvest livestock, and build infrastructure as necessary to allow the farm to grow.

Signature _______________________________________________________________


Please print out, fill in the blanks completely and return a hard copy to

Charla Kramer
2943 Herring Rd.
Arcadia, MI 49613

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