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How Grows It?

It’s rare these days that I speak with someone and don’t hear the question, “How grows it?” “How is our garden doing?” “How are my pigs (or) my chickens doing?” I always love being asked this question — and the … Continue reading

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Truck Full o’ Pigs

Shivering, wet, and muddy, we wrassled 6 piglets into the farm truck this afternoon to bring back to Echo Bend. Upon their arrival at the farm, they seemed immediately delighted with the new experience of rooting in the soft earth … Continue reading

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It’s Personal

A new farm customer, during a conversation about how we raise and butcher our livestock, stressed her belief about how important it is that we share these things with our customers and potential customers. Basically, she agrees with our methods … Continue reading

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Piggin’ Out

We can officially say we have “livestock” here at Echo Bend.  Joining the ranks of spring chicks, kittens, and turkey poults are 2 adorably chubby little piglets! For their 4-H projects, the kids will raise them up on green grass, … Continue reading

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